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오랜만에 타기도 했고  좋은날씨와


활기찬 엄기수강사님덕에 재밌게 탔어요~



만족했던 여행
사장님 내년에도 뵈요^^

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A model wears a Hussein Chalayan finished top, Teamed with high waist skinny jeans by Sienna Miller.

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Melinda Looi's couture array offers chic cocktail dresses, Tops and evening gowns

and although Louboutin Online Assomull, CEO Marigold range, that is certainly set to launch French label La Bagagerie here, Believes that the logo lobby is far from dying out, She sees a growing audience for smaller exclusive brands. Lot of European brands are showing a desire for the Indian market, proclaims Assomull.

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the arrival of Richard Stark rock chic brand Chrome Hearts favourite with Cher and the Sex Pistols delighted desi trendsetters like Ness Wadia and Natasha Poonawala.

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